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Walnut Cutting Board Large

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Beautiful and durable, walnut butcher block makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty kitchen work. 

Valued not only for its rich color, but walnut is also well-liked for its ability to disguise the wear and tear of everyday kitchen use with grace.

Our wooden cutting board is handcrafted. They are the perfect addition to any kitchen, and would make an excellent handcrafted personalized gift for a family member, couple, friend or an excellent corporate gift!

We created our premium line of handcrafted wooden cutting boards to be beautiful, functional and unique. They are designed to protect the sharpest of blades but also add a unique touch if kept on the counter. Wooden cutting boards are naturally resistant to bacteria, unlike plastic cutting boards. 

Every cutting board we create is made from natural hardwoods. As a result, there may be small size variations due to our commitment. Our products are unique, one of a kind.